General Fishery Rules


  1. No fish to be taken from the Society’s waters. Any person caught taking fish from the Society’s waters will be prosecuted, and expelled from the Society.
  2. Pike Fishing – No live baiting for pike is allowed. Dead bait or spinning only.
  3. All members to produce their BDAAS Book or Day Ticket on demand either to the Bailiff, any Official and any ordinary member producing his own book.
  4. Any member doing damage to any of the Society’s waters. banks or fences etc., will be immediately expelled. Any member seeing another member infringe this rule shall report the offender to his own Club Secretary, who in turn shall report the offender to the Society’s Secretary, who will bring the case before the General Committee.
  5. The Committee shall have the power to prosecute any person taking fish in any other manner than by fair angling. Viz: with rod and line and landing net (to land the fish when hooked in a proper manner). Bank lines, trimmers, shooting, spearing, snaring, snatching, trailing, dragging or netting is strictly prohibited, and any person so offending will be severely dealt with.
  6. No angler when angling shall use more than one rod at any one time except Fiskerton where two rods may be used. An additional rod permit may be purchased for either Worsbrough Reservoir or Sally Walsh’s.
  7. The Executive Committee reserve the right to stop any angler from using keepnets or angling on the Society’s waters.
  8. No dogs or guns allowed to be taken on the bank by any angler, whether a member or not.
  9. All ticket holders must close all gates etc., after them when entering or leaving the banks and must use the authorised entrances.
  10. That all members not producing their Barnsley Books on demand shall pay the current day ticket fee.
  11. No Carp or Barbel to be retained in keep nets at any BDAAS fishery unless fishing a recognised BDAAS match.
  12. If room, when a match is in progress on a BDAAS water, pleasure anglers must leave at least two pegs vacant to the nearest match fishing angler.
  13. No Floating Baits. Floating baits must not be pulled down and fished just below the surface.
  14. No Double Hooking.
  15. No Baits in Tin Cans.
  16. Method Feeders must be free running on all waters, GURU X Safe systems are allowed.
  17. No fishing from boats at any venue.
  18. No overnight sleeping in any venue car park.


  1. No Braided Hook-lengths.
  2. No Nut baits.
  3. Barbless Hooks Only (*see rule 11 below).
  4. No Discarded Line/End Tackle to be left on the bank or in local bins.
  5. No Keep-nets (except matches).
  6. No Meat whatsoever as bait.
  7. All Nets to be dipped where a dip tank is provided.
  8. During matches, two keep-nets to be used: one for silver fish, the other for carp. 50 lb Keep-net limit.
  9. No Rods to be left Unattended at any time.
  10. No Walking leads/Feeders on the dam head to the jetty at Worsbrough Reservoir.
  11. Micro-Barbed Hooks, no larger than size 16, may be used at Worsbrough Reservoir Oct-Mar.
  12. No alcohol to be taken onto or consumed on any fishery.


  1. Un-Hooking mats MUST be used when handing large Carp.
  2. No Fish to be retained in Sacks.
  3. No Lead-Core Leaders.
  4. All rigs must allow the Lead/Feeder to Release on Line Breaks.
  5. Up to 3 Rods may be used by purchasing extra day tickets at Worsbrough Reservoir & Sally Walsh’s.
  6. No Bait Boats to be used or be present on the bank.
  7. Maximum sized hooks to be used is size 6.